Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

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At the end of a long, hard, tiring, and frustrating day you make your usual preparations for going to bed and going to sleep. Then sleep becomes elusive. You are tired. You know that you really need to get your rest so that you can be at your best tomorrow, and yet sleep simply will not descend. Frustrating! Maddening!

We all have those sleepless nights. There are all sorts of alternatives out there for helping us get to sleep. There are a variety of over-the-counter medications. There are probably even more prescription medications. Home remedies by the dozen exist for finding sleep on a sleepless night.

Most thinking people are generally opposed to taking prescription sleep medications as well as the over-the-counter variety because they don’t want to become dependent on drugs. That is usually a very wise choice. Some of the home remedies are slightly helpful (a cup of warm milk, for example) and some do anything BUT promote a full night or sleep (drinking alcohol).

Keeping some natural herbs on your shelves for those sleepless nights is a wise and safe choice. There are no side effects and no chance of becoming physically dependent upon herbs. Some herbs like chamomile can be used to make a tea that promotes calmness and relaxation. Others can be taken in capsule or pill form (kava, valerian, skullcap). Some essential oils (lavender) can be used as a massage or in a warm bath to promote a good night of sleep.

Restful sleep is essential for good health. Sleep is just as important to our health as food, water, and exercise. Natural herbs and essential oils are by far the safest of all methods for capturing restful sleep on those occasional nights when insomnia visits.

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